Ranger Bait Boat Specification

Cult Tackle Ranger Bait Boat Specifications:

The bait boat comes with following features:

  • Thick 3D CAD designed, hydro-dynamically efficient trimaran PC hull gives excellent stability and buoyancy. The upper deck and the underwater part are fixed by stainless bolts, which makes maintenance very easy. The waterproof silicon gasket between the upper deck and the underwater part makes the boat hulls totally sealed and ensures the boat is 100% waterproof. The over moulded handle provides comfortable carrying.
  • 8GHz 4 channel radio system- superb range and less susceptible to Interference. Boat handset range is 400m-600m depending on weather and environmental conditions. AA rechargeable batteries and handset charger comes as standard.
  • Microprocessor controlled variable speed in forward and reverse. Power to the motors is regulated through a microprocessor. This ensures unrivalled manoeuvrability response, excellent agility and precision steering of the boat.
  • Built-in fail-safe ensures the boat remains within reach. When the signal is weak, the boat will stop going forward and make a big circle. This makes the boat come back to the range you can control instead of going out of range.
  • Internationally patented hopper with adjustable function, it can be divided from one hopper to two hoppers depending on requirement. Dependable hopper release system makes the hopper door maintenance and trouble free, excellent for all baits even the smallest particles. The two hoppers can be individually opened.
  • Internationally patented independent hook (rig) release system in the back can be individually controlled and take the rig to the spot you want.
  • Two quality direct drive motors and propellers provide extremely powerful propulsion and battery life - fast, efficient and quiet.
  • The quality weed guards keep the props weed and line free.
  • On and off waterproof rocker switches. All switches and charging sockets are waterproof with charging socket for solar panel.
  • 3 ultra-high intensity LEDs including red, yellow & green battery level indicators - visible at range even in daytime.
  • Tri-coloured battery condition meter in the back, giving accurate battery information.
  • Beeps and LED flash giving the battery condition of the handset.
  • The frontal light at centre is operated by remote control the two small lights at front are on when bait boat goes forward.
  • Extra bright searchlight in the centre front.
  • The red signal lights at back indicate signal strength when the boat is operational
  • Watertight removable battery system in the central hull provides easy access to change the battery.
  • Custom carry bag.


Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 585mm * 378mm * 260mm
  • Weight: 5.5kg including Lithium Batteries. 4kg including Lead Batteries.
  • Hoppers: 1 - 2 when hopper divider is used.
  • Bait capacity: 3kg boilie, 5kg wet particle.
  • Maximum speed: 100meter/minute without weed guard, 60meter/minute with weed guard.
  • Electrical system: 12V DC
  • Range: 400 – 600 meters dependent on weather and environmental conditions.
  • Lights: 3 front (including search light in the centre front), 3 battery status, 2 signal
  • Radio handset: 4 channel, 5.8GHz
  • Propulsion: 2 x maintenance-free propeller
  • Batteries: 6V/7.2AH lead-acid for bait boat, Ni-MH AA 1500mAh 1.2V
  • Rechargeable battery for the remote control handset.
  • Running time (at max speed): 2+ hours