Written by Callum Petchey


Posted on October 23 2021

You have saved, grafted, begged, borrowed and stolen your kids pocket money but it has finally arrived.

Oh, I remember it so well, that fresh, new bivvy smell. You feverishly rip open the cardboard box, hacking away with the crappy scissors that you’ve been meaning to replace for years, pull out the bivvy, remove the plastic bag it comes in, take a step back and admire.

Take a moment to savour the experience. Suck in that ‘new bivvy smell’ and as you relocate to the garden you kneel down, unzip and peel back the bag to find a PERFECTLY wrapped, folded, pressed and possibly even ironed, brand new bivvy!

It looks perfect in every way, you pull out the contents of the bag, throw away the instruction manual, then set about unravelling your new bivvy, slotting poles together, clipping on tension bars, chucking pegs in every hole you can find until finally……. IT IS UP!

You have a two nightery coming up down at Berners Hall Fishery next week, it seems like an age away, the lake has just done a 50lb’er, you NEED to go fishing now!

It doesn’t matter, your time will come, and it will be glorious, the first night in the new bivvy. Until then though, it has to go back in the bag and back in the garage.

Pegs out, tension strap released, poles collapsed, you roll it up, but something is not right?

It looks bigger, excitement turns to anxiety, there is no way it was this big when you pulled it out the bag? No, my friend, that is because it was packed by a Chinese robot. Those little dudes can pack a bivvy in seconds and pack them away so tight that not even air itself can fit in the gaps.

You look at the bag it came in, you look at the bivvy, frantically doing sums in your head, it’s not going to fit, now what? She’ll go mental if I leave it out the bag, it’ll be fine, you squeeze it in, you force it, sit on it, lay on it, beat it with your fists whilst screaming ‘I hate you bivvy bags, why don’t they make them bigger!?’


We feel your pain.


You get it back in the bag, pulling the opening together as you pull the zip up, wishing you had three hands, you get halfway, and it stops. It won’t go any further. Anger, fear and frustration!

Then it happens – you’ve ripped the bag. Your life flashes before you as you mentally say goodbye to all your friends, she is going to kill you if she finds out.

She won’t notice, you place it zip side down in the garage and pray……

Of course, it doesn’t have to be like that!


What you need is a Cult Tackle Heavy Duty DPM Bivvy Bag.


135cm long x 30cm x 30cm, which to give you an idea, is 10cm longer than the packed down length of the Trakker Tempest Advanced 100 Bivvy. Giving you loads of room for pegs and a groundsheet and without the need for a full on wrestling match to get it back in the bag.

The material is thicker when compared to the bivvy bag you’ll get with your shelter, there is a padded shoulder strap, two carry handles AND handles at each end so you don’t do your back in getting it on and off the barrow.

There is a PVC waterproof base, so you won’t be starting the session with a wet bivvy if the weather is a bit on the moist side. It’s reinforced in all the right areas, there are No.10 zips and reliable, robust zip pullers, we have literally thought of everything.

The DPM pattern is in keeping with the Cult Tackle Range just be careful where you put it down. We cannot be held responsible for lost shelters!

This is another product that you didn’t realise that you needed. Unless of course you like rolling around in the mud at the end of your session as you scrap with your bivvy to get it back in its bag.

All joking aside, there is little more annoying that struggling to get a bivvy back in its bag, especially when you just want to get home, the inevitable result is that the bag will rip, or the zip will break. Not anymore.

As always if you have any questions, get in touch with us via social media and give us a quick follow while you are there. Stay tuned for more products, tips and tricks.

Until next time, good luck if you are off fishing and don’t forget to tag us in any photos.