Written by Callum Petchey


Posted on October 23 2021

Good day Cult Tackle fans and welcome to another blog!

Hopefully you have been out bagging lots of fish using your Cult Tackle gear – if you haven’t already then tag us in your catch shots on Instagram or Facebook and we’ll give you a share on our pages.

Now, most days I am up at 6am and walking the dog round my local lake and this morning it was bloody freezing! It got me thinking about my fishing kit and what I needed to do to get myself ready for the winter as I do absolutely love my winter fishing.

One of the first things is to re-introduce my Cult Tackle Sherpa Bedchair Cover. It has enjoyed a bit of a break from fishing as I use it all summer as a sleeping cover when a sleeping bag is just too hot, then put the sleeping bag back on for the Autumn.

When the winter comes, the bag and bedchair combo is just right, not too hot and certainly never cold. There are a multitude of bedchair covers out there but ours is a little bit unique, I’ll explain more….

Now if you haven’t seen the Navitas Sherpa range of clothing then firstly, you are missing out big time, and secondly the Sherpa lining is unbelievably warm, it’s like a fleece lining but much softer and warmer. I seriously recommend that you check it out www.navitasoutdoors.com

So back to our Sherpa Bedchair cover and as you may have figured out by now, we have indeed collaborated with Navitas to produce a Bedchair Cover like no other.

The outer DPM waterproof layer has a 5000hh (hydrostatic head), meaning it has the same waterproof properties as a family tent, perfect for those damp, cold mornings.

Multiple fastenings ensure the Sherpa Bedchair cover stays in place all night long and a clever elasticated hood at the foot end means a toasty nice sleep without cold feet!

We have designed the Sherpa Bedchair cover to stay in situ on your bedchair, this means that a) you won’t forget it when you pack the car and b) you don’t have to take it out and pack it away every time you use it. When you want to store it away there is a handy stuff sack provided that will keep your bedchair cover dry and ready to go.

Then of course we come to the star of the show – the Sherpa fleece lining.

Super soft and super warm but also breathable at the same time, meaning no sweaty summer nights on the bank!


One last point to make is that the Sherpa Bedchair cover is machine washable, unlike a lot of sleeping bags. Just follow the instructions and you’ll have a fresh clean bedchair cover ready to go!


Before we go I have a little tip that will help you this winter if you are out on the bank….


I keep a plastic storage box of spares in my car ready to go in case anything breaks, or I run out of anything. Winter fishing is hard enough without being cold, wet or hungry at the same time. In my little spares box, I keep the following;

  • My spare gas stove and a can of winter gas.
  • Spare tea bags and some long life UHT milk.
  • A few tins of soup and some chocolate bars.
  • A bottle of water.
  • Some spare leads, hooks, and other end tackle essentials in a small pouch.
  • A spare change of clothes, some spare merino wool socks and waterproof jacket.
  • A spare pot of my favourite pop ups.


All of that fits in a small plastic storage box and is there if I need it/run out of anything.

As always, if you have any questions about any of our products then give us a shout on social media and whilst you are there hit that follow button, so you don’t miss out on future posts.

If you are heading out fishing then make sure you wrap up warm, don’t forget a Sherpa Deluxe Bed chair cover as well!