DPM Technical Bivvy Coat

Written by Callum Petchey


Posted on September 28 2021

Well, here we are!

The very first Cult Tackle blog post and for us it signals an exciting new period for Cult Tackle with loads of mega exciting, new products that we know you are going to love! 

Through these blogs we are going to be giving you a fantastic insight into Cult Tackle, our products and how best to use them. So, without further ado….

Welcome, to the Cult Tackle Blog!

It is not by chance that we have decided to start our own blog, we have a fantastic, brand new product that has never been seen before in the UK angling market and we are absolutely buzzing to let you know all about it! 

This new product is going to set the benchmark for others, it can be used by anyone and it doesn’t matter what style of fishing you do, there will almost certainly be a reason for you to own one. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing.

The Cult Tackle Technical Bivvy Coat.

Now, every now and then a product is developed, and I just know it is going to be an absolute winner. The Technical Bivvy Coat really serves a purpose and solves a multitude of issues that come with spending a vast amount of time outdoors, as anglers invariably do! 

I have only recently got hands on with the Technical Bivvy Coat so what you are about to read is my interpretation of the product, just don’t blame me if you decide to rush out and buy one! 

Speaking of winners though, I have a good track record of predicting what products will do well, the Nash Zig Screws, Fox Zig Aligners, Korda Helisafe, Cult Tackle DPM Luggage Range, to name but a few. All have gone on to be best sellers and the Cult Tackle Technical Bivvy Coat is going to be another one, trust me! 

So, the principle of the Bivvy Coat is simple, is will keep you warm and dry without the need for a dedicated jacket and trouser combo that anglers traditionally rely on. You can slip it on as you leave the bivvy when it’s cold or wet, slip it on when you are sat watching the early morning mist rolling off the lake, it’s also great for stalking when the weather isn’t playing ball or sitting out with your mates at the next social. 

The Bivvy Coat is not a winter fishing product – we all know it doesn’t need to be winter to be cold! The coats technical functionality provides a fully waterproof & windproof experience whilst offering unparalleled ease of use with its comfy oversize fit.

We have worked closely with a well-known angling clothing manufacturer to get the lining just right, sample after sample until we were happy that it was spot on. The fleece lined inner is ridiculously comfortable and warm, some of our product testers even slept in their bivvy coats during the testing phase!

The attention to detail is unrivalled, the full length zip opens and closes from the top and bottom, the zip pullers are able to be used with the coldest of hands and the DPM camo pattern that is synonymous with the Cult Tackle brand is still the best camo pattern that money can buy, I mean the British Army can’t be wrong and they know a thing or two about concealment.

Did you know that the tighter a jacket fits, the less waterproof a jacket becomes?

The oversized design means you can wear it over your normal clothes, a feature sadly lost in some modern fishing clothing where the emphasis is on fitted garments.

 When we say we think of everything, we mean it!

It doesn’t stop there though, the adjustable cuffs, mean you can Spomb your bait out in comfort, without your bait juice running up your arms, if you know, you know!

There is a fully lux lined hood and 2 oversized zipped and lined hand pockets, a soft stubble chin guard, haven’t forgotten to protect the other parts of your body either. So next time the wind or rain moves in, the sun sets, and the temperatures begin to fall, it is time to reach for your technical bivvy coat.

I cannot say enough superlatives regarding the Technical Bivvy Coat and I am going to stick my neck out here and say this could well be the biggest drop in angling clothing for many, many years and I have no doubt that that you will see a few more companies wishing they had come up with the idea sooner!

Now, I know it is a fishing related product from a fishing brand but I can tell you now, mine will be getting used in the garden at home, on the beach, outside the tent when I am camping, on dog walks in the wind and rain, oh and when I am fishing too!

If I could sum the Technical Bivvy Coat up in just a few words, it would read like this….

‘The ultimate in fleece lined waterproof comfort for every angling situation (and beyond).

This is the fantastic product that you never knew you needed!’

Until next time all the best with your fishing and don’t forget to give us a follow on social media and keep tagging us in your fish and scenic shots, we love to see what the Cult is getting up to on the bank!